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Design Packages

Choose your package, I'll customize it to fit your lifestyle

2D plans drawn to scale for perfect plant placement!

3D renderings so you can visualize your newly transformed outdoor space!


Side Garden

Small side gardens make the most of every inch!

Vertical plantings and mid level shrubs create a mini oasis for you and a mini habitat for hummingbirds and butterflies.

Front Garden


Classic curb appeal and easy elegance!

Your front garden welcomes friends and attracts birds and butterflies!  Filled with evergreen and perennial plants, and long blooming shrubs. 

Low maintenance is key.


Potted plants of various sizes in coordinating colors create an outdoor retreat for morning coffee and afternoon cocktails. 

Perfect for the renter, because you can take it all with you if you move.

Back Garden


Entertain friends and connect with nature. 

This will be the favorite place for you and your family to relax and play! 

Layered plantings with small trees, medium sized perennials, and borders of ground cover provide interest, texture, and color. 

A strong focal point such as a water feature or statement manzanita brings it all together.

Small Garden Bed

Pack a big punch with bold color, or create a soft cottage's up to you!

Make a path a pollinator pathway with shape, texture, and color. 

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