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The Design Concept and Process


Designing small gardens with big style

The Design Process
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Choose a design package​

Tell me about your project


Choose the package that is the right size for your site.

Click on "Tell me about your project" below the "Design Packages" tab and answer a few questions.  Your answers will guide our discussion during your free consultation.

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Free design consultation

(30 minutes for gardens up to 500 sq. ft., and 1 hour for larger gardens)


We'll get to know each other! 

Tell me how you want to use your garden, your design style, which plants you like (and don't like), and how much maintenance you want to do. 

We'll discuss design options and plant choices based on the soil, light, watering schedule, and USDA  zone of your site.

Are you a beginning gardener, or do you have a high level of confidence?  This is an important consideration in choosing plants that will thrive.

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Measure and photograph your site (if you haven't already)

Submit payment

If you're in zip code 92131, or one of the surrounding nearby areas we can meet in person, and I can measure your site and take photos. 

If you are farther away, please email photos of your site as well as a rough sketch with measurements to:

Grey pansy butterfly perched on green grass

You receive preliminary drawings.   Ask for changes or approve them.


You see your design take shape!

You receive scaled drawings or your design, with the plant list and full plant descriptions. 

This is your chance to ask for changes.  I will be happy to do revisions.

If you're going to have a gardener or contractor help you with installation, have them review the plans, and they should be able to provide a quote for their services.

If you live in San Diego, I can refer you to a trusted contractor for your project

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You receive everything you need to make your new garden a success!

  • Design Plan - scaled  drawing of your design, including elements such as trees, shrubs, perennials, hardscape, paths, and water features.

    • Click on the "Projects" tab to see what a plan might look like.

  • Detailed list of all plants in your design, including size, quantity, botanical, and common name.

    • (If a plant is not available for any reason, a suitable alternative will be recommended).

  • Recommendations for nurseries to source the plants I've described in your plan.

  • Links to images and detailed information for each plant.

  • Instructions on installation and general care of plants.


Continuing support throughout your project


I want your garden to be a success!

I will answer your questions (and communicate with your gardener or contractor if you are using one) during the installation process.  I'll address concerns and challenges that inevitably come up.


The relationship continues long after your plants are in the ground

I'd love to hear how you and your garden are getting along!

Please keep in touch and send pics. 

I can answer questions about every aspect of your design, and all the plants I've recommended.

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