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The Butterfly Effect
Connecting you with nature
Connecting gardens to the larger ecosystem

Using native plants and water efficient makes sense for so many reasons. Native plants are already adapted to the soil and climate of Southern California, so they are easier to grow, less effort to maintain, and don't need fertilizer or pesticides. 

Best of all, native plants attract birds, butterflies, and pollinators and become a mini habitat, a pollinator pathway, connecting with and contributing to the larger ecosystem. 



Meet the designer

I recently retired from a successful career studying cancer.  As a scientist I learned to analyze and solve complex problems, manage projects, and the value of collaboration.

Now I'm pursuing my love of native plants and garden design.

  • Education:

    • Bachelor of Arts, Biology, University of California, San Diego
    • Certified California Native Plant Landscaper, California Native Plant Society and the Theodore Payne Foundation
    • Certified Wildfire Defense Landscaper, USGBD-LA / Theodore Payne Foundation
    • Garden Design with Exotics and Native Plants, San Diego Master Gardeners
    • Native Garden Design, California Native Plant Society
    • Choosing Plants for the Southern California Region and Water-Wise Landscape Design, San Diego Water Authority
    • Water Efficient Landscape Design, San Diego Water Conservation Garden
    • Native Garden Design, California Native Plant Propagation, Walter Andersen and Tree of Life Nurseries
  • Member:
    • California Native Plant Society

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