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Recent Projects

San Diego Front Garden, January 2024

This long blooming front garden provides real curb appeal!  California Natives make this a low maintenance, water efficient, and sustainable landscape.

Pollinator Planter

All the California Natives that butterflies and bees are looking for!  Add this planter to your garden for a Super Bloom this Spring!

San Diego, January 2024
Installation in progress, photos coming soon

Charming front garden features Blue Glow Agave, Starfish Sansevieria, and Striped Sansevieria.  Yellow Bulbine and Rock Purslane provide color and texture over a long bloom season.

San Diego, June 2023

Native Manzanita, Meadow Rue, Yarrow and Rushes, Monkeyflower, and non-native Maidenhair Ferns surround this stunning water feature, emulating a mountain stream. 

San Diego Slope Garden
May 2023, installation in progress

Lilacs, Western Redbud, Mission Manzanita, Deerweed, and Black Sage are the backbone of this slope garden. 

Bladderpod, Lupines, Buckwheat, Woolly Bluecurls, Goldenrod, Asters, Sages, Mallow, and Verbenas give color and texture with a variety long blooming perennials and annuals.  

This pollinator pathway provides host plants and food sources to many species throughout the year, serving as a functional habitat. 

Dora Rowe plan New.jpg

Los Angeles Front Garden, Feb 2023

1200 sq. ft.

Lilacs and a Western Redbud frame this garden, which features all the plants butterflies love.  A dry stream bed passively channels water from a gutter at the corner of the house.  The bird bubbler serves as a visual focal point, and a critical resource for birds and butterflies. 

Hummingbird sage and Monkeyflower are situated on the shadier side of the garden, while Dwarf Coyote Brush, Bladderpod, Brittlebush, and Buckwheat take the full sun areas.  A variety of Milkweed species also serve as hosts and nectar sources, creating a functional butterfly habitat.

Darcy Brody Garden Plan_Rev2 for website.jpg

Side Yard 2023

Side Yard_Enclosed.jpg

250 sq. ft

This cozy side yard is a functional and beautiful retreat. 

A barbecue and bistro seating are defined by a brick patio.  The bird bath at the center serves as the focal point.

California native plants including manzanita, woolly bluecurls, basket rush, fuchsia, sage, iris, and goldenrod provide structure, color, and texture, while welcoming birds, bees, and butterflies. 

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