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Meet with the designer


  • Address a specific design issue, or get ideas for a complete renovation
  • Affordable way to see what's possible for your space
  • Site assessment
    • soil, sun, watering, maintenance
  • Plant selection and placement
    • suggestions for the right plants to thrive in your garden
    • choosing plants that are matched in terms of hydrozone (plants with similar water, sun, and soil requirements)
    • choosing plants in the same plant community (especially important for native plants)
  • Style
    • create a cohesive garden style

Telephone or Zoom
  • Receive the same services as an in-person consultation when you're not nearby


Follow-up Services
  • 2D Plans with all necessary measurement for perfect plant placement
  • 3D Renderings so you can visualize your newly transformed outdoor space!

  • Plant Sourcing and Selection
  • On-site Plant Placement
  • On-site visits after the initial consultation
  • Plant lists
    • Common and botanical names
    • Links to full description and photos
    • Links to local nurseries and pricing
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