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Butterfly Effect Garden Design

Certified California Native Plant Landscaper
Certified Wildfire Defense Landscaper
Butterfly Effect is on vacation, and 
will respond to inquiries on July 22nd, 2024

The Butterfly Effect

Connecting you with nature

Connecting gardens to the larger ecosystem

Butterfly Effect Garden Designs feature evergreen trees and shrubs and long blooming perennials, using plants adapted to our Southern California climate and soil.

Using California natives and plants adapted to Mediterranean climates, your new garden requires less water and fertilizer, and no pesticides.

You'll spend more time enjoying your outdoor space, and less time working on it.

And the best part?  Your garden attracts birds, butterflies, and pollinators.

Schedule a consultation as an affordable way to address a specific concern, and get design ideas (click on Consulting above)


Choose a design package, complete with drawings and plant list, and receive a Free Consultation (click on Design Packages above)


"She is an expert in California native plants and has a keen eye for design. We worked collaboratively to redesign the landscaping around the water feature. It has been transformed into a wonderful balance of native plants working in concert with existing shrubbery, color, texture, and stone. Sharon works with you, asking questions that help you clarify your vision of the desired outcome. She is a valuable resource for any landscape design project."

J.H., San Diego

"I recently updated my small patio into a beautiful, easy-to-maintain outdoor space with the help of Butterfly Effect Designs, and I actually enjoy sitting outside on my patio after these improvements. I appreciate their emphasis on native plants that will grow well here and require low maintenance. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to redesign their outdoor space."

D.A., San Diego



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